Nordic Anti-Icing System delivered to Deutsche Bahn AG

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Nordic Ground Support Equipment (Nordic GSE) has delivered the unique Nordic Anti-Icing System to Deutsche Bahn AG in Frankfurt.

The Nordic Anti-Icing system will help to keep trains in traffic during winter, while also reducing maintenance costs caused by ice.

“We are proud that Deustche Bahn has chosen the unique solution from Nordic GSE to prevent ice build-ups on trains”, says Jules Lajola, Managing Director of Nordic GSE.

How it works
The Nordic Anti-Icing System is a unique, automated system that efficiently reduces ice buildups and the need for de-icing on all train types. The method and anti-icing fluid have been approved by various train manufacturers.

A heated, anti-icing fluid stays on the treated surface as a protective layer.

Excess fluid and melted water are collected on trays. The liquid is then purified in an automated and environmentally friendly process to be re-used in the next treatment.

The Nordic Anti-Icing System is equipped with several advanced IT functions, which facilitate service, maintenance and monitoring.

The unique Nordic Anti-Icing System enables train operators to reduce up to:

  • 50 percent of ice build-ups
  • 50 percent of trains in need of de-icing
  • 60 percent of de-icing time

About Nordic GSE
The Nordic Anti-Icing and De-Icing Systems are shaping the way rolling stock industry manages winter period snow and ice challenges. Nordic GSE offers the best value and best solutions for managing winter period snow and ice challenges. Nordic GSE focuses on cost efficiency, environment and reliability.

Nordic GSE has delivered the unique Nordic Anti-Icing System to leading train operators and maintenance companies in nine countries since 2009.

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