Nordic De-Icing is a unique outdoor system for de- and anti-icing treatment of rolling stock.

Nordic De-Icing is a system for fast and efficient de-icing of rolling stock. An anti-icing function can be added to the system, which will prevent snow from building up.
All Nordic De-Icing systems are configured according to customer needs.

Key benefits:

  • Fast, efficient de-icing
  • Anti-icing function (optional)
  • Configured according to customer needs
  • Can be installed outdoors and indoors
  • Automated operation
  • Advanced software for monitoring, communication and control

Principles of operation:

  • Ice and snow are melted by using a mixture of hot water and de-icing fluid
  • Anti-icing treatment is performed immediately after de-icing treatment to prevent new ice build-ups (optional)
  • Excess fluid and melted water are collected, and waste water is separated in the process through distillation
  • The Nordic De-Icing system is equipped with several advanced IT functions, which facilitate service, maintenance and monitoring

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